SciFest in Joensuu on 17-18 May 2018

12th SciFest opens it doors on Thursday 17 May. The opening hours are as follows:

  • Thursday 17 May at 9-21 (worksops open at 9-19)
  • Friday 18 May at 9-19

SciFest takes place in Joensuu Areena, which is the largest wooden building in Finland.

Workshops, exhibitions, movies

SciFest 2018 will offer dozens of different workshops. The idea is to get participants to learn and enjoy science by experimenting and trying things out for themselves. There is something to do for everyone, as the workshops cover a whole range of scientific, technological and environmental topics. Teachers and parents are encouraged to join the workshops too!

There are two kinds of workshops. At the nonstop workshops anyone can drop in at anytime, but for scheduled workshops you have to sign up beforehand.

If you want to organize a workshop, or have any question at all about them, please e-mail us at scifest(at)

Besides workshops, SciFest offers exhibitions, lectures, and perhaps even movies! We are currently in preparation of the program, so stay tuned!

You are warmly welcome to SciFest 2018!



Perjantai 18.5, SciFestin päälava:

  • 09:15 Balakirevin taidekoulu: ”Karjalassa olen minä syntynyt ja kasvanut Karjalassa”
  • 10:00 Kiinalaisen kulttuurin makupaloja
  • 12:30 4-Tieteen kilpailun palkintojenjako
  • 13:15 StarT-kilpailun palkintojenjako
  • 14.00 Professori Esko Valtaoja: Tee parempi tulevaisuus
  • 15:30 Balakirevin taidekoulu
  • 16:45 Itä-Suomen yliopiston Tiedekahvila: ”Taidetta yhdessä ja monella kielellä”
  • 18.00 Professori Esko Valtaoja: Tiedon tekemä maailma

SciFest 2018 mobiilissa

Science Meets Culture

SciFest® is annual international science and technology festival in Joensuu, Finland. The 12th SciFest will be organized in May 17-19, 2018.



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