SciFest for Teachers

Taking Your Class to SciFest

Stay tuned about what kind of activities SciFest 2018 offers to school groups by following our pages and ScifestJoensuu @ Facebook!


Discovering SciFest for Yourself

Teachers are encouraged to take part in all SciFest workshops, lectures, and science cafés together with their students. A lot of these activities are organized outside of school hours, which makes attending extra easy.

There will be activities specifically for teachers too, especially we are planning special teachers’ workshops. You can send us requests for topics and dates at scifest(at)

You can even get a certificate of attendance from us (eg. to compensate for an obligatory training day at your school). Remember to ask for the certificate beforehand from the SciFest team, at scifest(at) Attach to your e-mail a list of the workshops, lectures and other events you will be attending. You will get a signed certificate from the Joensuu Arena at the end of your visit. There is also the possibility of getting it posted to your school after the festival (in which case, remember to include your address).

Science Meets Culture

SciFest® is annual international science and technology festival in Joensuu, Finland. The 13th SciFest will be organized in April 25-27, 2019.



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