SciFest-tietoa medialle

Get here on the SciFest Train!

This year it's particularly fun and easy to travel to SciFest on the SciFest Train. On the train you can get a head start on the festival, as the train will have a special SciFest compartment with fascinating workshops and activities!

The trains leaves from Helsinki Main Railway Station on Wednesday 18th April at 07:12am, and arrives in Joensuu at 11.40am, well on time for the first day of SciFest. This is a quick and easy way to travel, which will get you to SciFest in good time for many more workshops in the afternoon.

You can find more information about the SciFest Train on our website at

Tiede kohtaa kulttuurin

SciFest® on Joensuun Tiedeseura ry:n ja Itä-Suomen yliopiston järjestämä kaikille avoin tiede- ja teknologiafestivaali, joka järjestetään vuosittain Joensuussa.

12. SciFest järjestetään Joensuussa 17.-18.5.2018.


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