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Please contact the SciFest team for anything you want to ask or discuss about the festival.

Email us at:
Call us at: +358 50 361 1470

The programme
Pauliina Korhonen (pauliina.korhonen at, +358 50 361 1470


Ilkka Jormanainen (ilkka.jormanainen at, +358 50 367 5577

Finances and administration
Kirsi Karjalainen (kirsi.karjalainen at, +358 50 462 1267

School liaison, the programme
Jussi Petrelius (jussi.petrelius at, +358 40 358 2813

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Joensuu Science Society
Kontioniementie 28c
80780 Kontioniemi

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Strategy Group

Professor Erkki Sutinen, University of Eastern Finland (Chairman)
Honorary Councillor Matti Halonen
Headmaster Heikki Happonen, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuun normaalikoulu
Coordinator, Special Researcher Timo Hokkanen, North Karelia ELY Centre
Executive Director Ilkka Jormanainen, Joensuu Science Society
Executive Planning Officer Kirsi Karjalainen, University of Eastern Finland
Teacher Juha Karkkulainen, Town of Kitee
Headmaster Antti Kasurinen, City of Joensuu
Coordinator Pauliina Korhonen, University of Eastern Finland
Teacher Jussi Petrelius, University of Eastern Finland, Joensuun normaalikoulu
Teacher Saku Punkari, The Finnish-Russian School of Eastern Finland, Joensuu 
Project Manager Timo Rui, North Karelia University of Applied Sciences
Professor Markku Tukiainen, University of Eastern Finland
Headmaster Timo Vattulainen, Lieksan kaupunki

Science Meets Culture

SciFest® is annual international science and technology festival in Joensuu, Finland. The 13th SciFest will be organized in April 25-27, 2019.



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