ON THE ROAD  –  JOENSUU MAY 11-13, 2017

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10 Reasons to Show Up

  1. Out of class!
  2. Extraordinary workshop experiences
  3. Discoveries you won’t find in the classroom
  4. International atmosphere
  5. New ideas for teaching as well as learning
  6. Chance to work together with top scientists
  7. Coffee and buns together with some great lecture
  8. Activities for all to enjoy
  9. Every school subject covered
  10. Be part of the creation of the schools of the future!

Suomi Finland 100

On the Road

SciFest® is annual international science and technology festival in Joensuu, Finland. The 11th SciFest will be On the Road celebrating science and technology advancements in the atmosphere of the centenary of Finland’s independence in May 11-13, 2017.

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